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Thirty years of stainless steel pipe equipment R & D and manufacturing Strive to first-class service, first-class products
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Strive to become the first-class equipment supplier of stainless steel pipe industry
The maximum Rangli customers
Tailored for your sales and management mode
  • Professional technical team, according to the specific circumstances, tailored for your sales and management mode
Brand worthy of trust
Thirty years experience in production of stainless steel welded pipe
  • Development and production of thirty year stainless steel welded pipe machine
  • Access to the national quality, service reputation AAA enterprises, the Chinese market recognized brand products, such as China's famous brands!
International certification
Introduce advanced production equipment
  • Advanced production equipment and scientific management
  • ISO9001:2000 international standard system certification
  • The control rate of finished product is more than 98%
Professional technical support
Perfect after-sale service system
  • Site installation and commissioning qualified, on-site guidance staff, learn so far
  • The service team, 24 hours to congratulate your call
  • Pipe free warranty for 1 years, life-long maintenance of equipment
Whole plant technical scheme
Constantly improve the product R & D capabilities to meet the needs of different customers
Provide a complete set of stainless steel welded pipe technical scheme
  • Stainless steel pipe production line layout, stainless steel pipe welding technology
  • Free production line layout, pipe welding technology
  • For enterprises to adjust the machine master, polishing, etc.
  • Plant design, power consumption, water consumption
  • Professional home installation, commissioning qualified pipe, on-site guidance
  • Introduction of quality raw materials suppliers, the selection of raw materials
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Praise from our customers
  • Yuancheng tube machine stainles
    Yuancheng tube machine company production of stainless steel decorative pipe machine quality is really good, since the purchase after the quality of our pipe is guaranteed, technical service and sincere source p
  • Yuancheng Stainless steel pipe
    Has been in the source and Cheng tube machine, Yuancheng tube machine polished stainless steel tube mechanism of high precision, stable performance, high rate of finished products, customer service service has s
  • Imported accessories, electrica
    The source of the system is very stable performance with imported parts, electrical equipment to ensure the normal operation of our production line! The most important thing is that they are very uniform stainle
  • First class technology and equi
    Our company is a professional student of stainless steel, with shelleson pipe making machine has three years of production, they provide professional solutions for our stainless steel tube, first-class technolog
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Foshan yuancheng machinery manufacture co.,ltd
Foshan City source Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. technical team from the last century in 80s did not start to equipment R & D and manufacturing of stainless steel pipe, through nearly twenty years of development, is the first single from the production unit 40 to diversify production from 30 units to 110 units, the diameter of phi 6mm~ phi 325mm unit to now for the professional the market segment production faster, low price low decorative tube factory equipment manufacturing production line; the best, to meet customer requirements
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